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1952 March Okazaki Jozo ( Brewing ) Co., Ltd. established with capital of 1.5 million yen for the manufacture of miso ( soybean paste ) in Okazaki ( Aichi prefecture, Japan ).
1964 September Company name changed to Okazaki Marusan Co., Ltd.
1972 March Company headquarters and plant relocated to current address.
1980 April Construction of a soymilk plant completed at the Headquarters.
1983 January Company name changed to MARUSAN-AI Co., Ltd. Capital increased to 230 million yen.
1985 June American Soy Products Inc. established as a joint venture in the United States and production of soymilk launched.
1987 September Capital increased to 345 million yen.
1992 July Takumi Co., Ltd established ( Toyama prefecture, Japan )
1993 January Miso and beverage plants became a JAS( Japan Agricultural Standard ) -certified ( certified by Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries of Japan. )
1996 March Launch of trial production of miso in Zhejiang province,China . ( technical cooperation with a local company )
1996 August Marketing launched of 'Aji-no-kyoen(Harmony of three flavors )' miso -the first product of this kind in the industry made with three types of miso koji ( rice, barley and soybeans ).
1997 February Marketing launched of the first fermented (by lactobacillus and yeast) soymilk in the industry.
1999 February Marketing launched of 'Mame-piyo ' soymilk (soymilk for children).
2001 June Listed on the Nagoya Stock Exchange ( 2nd section ). Capital increased to 562.14 million yen.
2001 September Certified ISO9001:1994. ( soymilk products )
2002 February Certified as an organic soymilk manufacturer under national organic program ( Organic JAS ).
2002 September Shifted to ISO9001:2000. The scope includes other soft drinks.
2002 December Stocks purchase in Tamai-miso Co., Ltd. ( to make the company a subsidiary ).
2003 April Internet retailing launched on the website.
2004 March New soymilk plant in Gunma prefecture launched production.
2004 September The scope of ISO9001:2000 expanded to include miso.
2005 March Certified as 'Aichi Quality Companies.' ( The promotion of Aichi prefectual government for manufacturing companies in Aichi )
2006 February Capital increased to 865.44 million yen.
2006 Octorber Open a new distribution center in Okazaki.
2007 March Marketing launched of the first reduced-calorie soymilk in the industry.
2009 March Marketing launched of 'Premium soymilk' using our premium soy beans 'Kinusayaka.'
2009 December 'Premium soymilk' get an award from a news paper publisher.
2010 March Marketing launched of 'Tonyu-guruto.' ( fermented soymilk like yogurt, with lactic acid bacteria, non-dairy, cholesterol-free and sugar-free )
2010 September Shifted to ISO9001:2008.
2012 March Marusan.Ai ( Shanghai ) Co., LTD. Established. ( Shanghai, CHINA )
Marketing launched new soymilk package with screw cap for the first time in Japan.
2013 July Conclude the exclusive license contract with Blue Diamond Growers.
2013 September Marketing launched of the first Almond milk 'Almond Breeze' in Japan.
2014 June Manufacturing technical guidance contract of soybean milk and licensing agreement are concluded with SAHACHOL FOOD SUPPLIES CO., LTD.
2015 December ITO Akinori assumed office as Chairman of board of directors. WATANABE Kuniyasu assumed office as President.
2016 January Established MARUSAN-AI TOTTORI Co., Ltd. ( Tottori prefecture, Japan )
2016 November Certified FSSC22000. ( soymilk and Miso plants at Head office )
2017 January MARUSAN-AI ( THAILAND ) Co., Ltd. Established. ( Bangkok, Thailand )
2017 June MARUSAN-AI TOTTORI Co., Ltd. ( Tottori prefecture, Japan ) Established.
2017 July Capital participation in Haining Yufeng Brewing Co., Ltd.
2018 June Sold stocks of American Soy Products Inc. established as a joint venture in the United States.